Wanda Marie


Wanda Marie is the author of 3 self-help books, and has been healing realtionships and empowering women to live amazing lives for more than 25 years. She's the founder of the LadyUp Network and owner of Legacy Lifestyles LLC, a North Carolina company specializing in women’s empowerment and business development programs.

Wanda Marie has an extensive background as a Certified Master Coach, also certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). She has certified coaches across the country from various backgrounds and cultures.

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I enjoyed taking the Life Coaching Certification with Wanda Marie very much! The workbook and worksheets were extremely helpful and provided valuable information on how to work with an array of different client types to successfully meet their needs. I feel that I am well equipped to begin my career as a Life Coach. ~ Lisa Muehlenbein, Naples, FL

I began this course with the desire to appreciate my own life more. What I got out of it went way beyond my expectations. Not only have I helped my own life but I found areas that made my husband happier and I’m able to ask appropriate questions to my friends to help them see their direction with much more clarity. I didn’t even realize that I was using my skill set that I learned. What a blessing for us all! ~ Melissa Webb, Asheville, NC