Business in a Box

Legacy Lifestyles Turnkey Coach Certification Program

a time tested and proven program

The Legacy Lifestyles Coach Certification program is offered to qualified Coaches to provide them with an additional income stream without the hassle of creating an additional program.

The Business in a Box Includes:

  • One Year Facilitator's License

  • Facilitator's Training Manual

  • Student Training Manual

  • Intro to Coaching Orientation Powerpoint

  • 12 Class Outlines/Agenda

  • Student Practice Test Guidelines

  • Certification Written Exam & Answer Key

  • Oral Exam Guidelines

  • Life Coach Certificate Template

  • Legacy Lifestyles Pro Membership

Here's How it Works:

  • Once qualified, you become a Professional Member of Legacy Lifestyles LLC.

  • Membership fees are $14,400 per year ($4,800 per quarter).

  • Membership grants you access to a private web portal which contains all of the training materials and forms to download and use with students and clients.

  • You are not allowed to change or alter any of the materials bearing the Legacy Lifestyles logo or copyright information.

Once you're qualified for membership, before you pay us, start advertising your new coach certification program at $725 x 20 students and your membership is paid for the year with no money out of your pocket!